I was born in 1970 and work as a computer programmer . I started programming on the ZX81 and continued with the ABC80 until I bought a ZX Spectrum in the summer of 1983. Later I bought an Amiga, but that is a different story.

I have one brother.

I used to run a BBS called Castor BBS. It ran a version of MikroKom that I had coded on myself. I have on some rare occation managed to publish an issue of the science fiction fanzine PötZine. I live together with my ex, our two children, two cats and a few rats in a flat in Stockholm, Sweden.

I sometimes paint (although not very well). I'll try to publish my images. They used to be over at Elfwood, but now thay are just on my hard disk. Oh, I also made a few fonts.

I drive a SAAB.

Yes, and I've also started a blog (in Swedish).