Interface 1 Fonts

Here are some TrueType fonts I have created over time.


A font with sharp corners. The design was originally made for an attribute scroll in a never released ZX Spectrum demo. I now have recreated it from memory.

The Art of Illuminating

Based on an image scanned from The Art of Illuminating As Practised in Europe from the Earliest Times by W. R. Symms, with an Essay and Instructions by M. D. Wyatt, Architect. London. Published April 2nd 1860 by Day and Son, Lithographers to the Queen.


Design by German artist Daniel Hopfer (circa 1470-1536).

Rat Paws

Made using scans of actual rat feets. The two front paws are at A and B, the hind paws are at C and D.

Tuer's Cardboard

The design is taken from a cardboard battledore in Tuer’s "History of the Horn-Book", 1896.

The fonts are free (as in beer). You may install the font on as many computers you wish, but I ask you to kindly give med credit if you include it in a collection or put it up for download. I know that the several of the fonts lacks some characters. If you want to add them, please do, but send me the updated font so I can include it in the next release. You will ofcourse be credited as a co-creator.