Sinclair nostalgia products

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The romanian company ICE Felix (located at Str. G. Constantinescu, 78009 Bucuresti, Romania) was founded in 1970 and became the main IT equipment manufacturer in Romania. They made a series of ZX Spectrum clones as well as other computers.

HC 85, HC 90, HC 91

The HC90 and HC91 succeed the HC85, and are compatible with HC85 software. They all come in the same black housing. The HC91 comes with Floppy Interface called 'IF1'. This interface is housed in a box equal to that of the computer and is mounted underneath the computer. The connector for making this possible is found at the bottom of the computer, which makes operating the computer without interface unlikely. The 'IF1' features also network, serial port and joystick and on BASIC level recognizes the microdrive syntax. ("m" must be "d"). The system starts up in Sinclair mode, original ROM. A special USR call will make the computer reset and start in CP/M mode. Then a CP/M boot disk is required. CP/M 2.2 (64 char) comes along with the machine.

It's also possible that a machine called HC87 exists.

HC 91

It has: TV output, extension, CGA monitor extension, joystick and casette player connections.


HC 2000

Released in 1993. Fully compatible upgraded HC 91. Difference is the new white housing that also holds a 3.5 diskdrive.

The guts of a HC2000

Information by Roelof Koning.