Screen Shot of ZX Screen

ZX Screen Shots Screen Saver V2.1

This is a screen saver with loading screens from good old games on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

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Screen Shot of My Ego

My Ego Screen Saver V1.0

This was actually meant to be a debug version of Rat Paws. I didn't have the images of paws available when I started making the screen saver so I used a picture of myself that I had as a file, then my girlfriend thought it looked so good so I made this screen saver for her.

Screen Shot of Rat Paws

Rat Paws Screen Saver V1.1

This is a screen saver that clears the screen by displaying more and more footprints on the screen, eventually covering the entire picture in black.It can also start with a blank screen and then fill it with multi-coloured footprints.